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US ballroom dance group tours

The highly acclaimed Ballroom Dance Company from the US's Brigham Young University will make their first appearance in Viet Nam on Friday, May 13th 2011.

Founded in 1971, the Utah-based ensemble is the US National Formation Dance Champion, a title the team has won 27 consecutive times since 1982.

The ensemble also won first place at the prestigious British Ballroom Dance Championships in Blackpool, England, in both modern and Latin dances last year.

They have also performed as special guest artists at ballroom dance competitions in China, the Ukraine and Hungary.

The company has toured throughout the US and more than 30 different countries astounding audiences with their precision, beauty and skill.

The ensemble's most successful performance Capture the Magic – a Broadway-quality show, for audiences of all ages, will be presented during their tour of Viet Nam.

The 90-minute performance features a wide variety of dances, including Viennese Walts, playful swing dances harking back to a 1950s sock hop (informal sponsored dance at American high schools) and dramatic, high-energy Latin dance. The performers combine traditional formation dances and standard ballroom steps with fresh choreography, breathtaking lifts and spins, stunning costumes and energetic melodies.

The ensemble will perform in Da Nang on Friday before travelling to Ha Noi to perform at Bao Son Paradise Park on Saturday.

Tickets for the show in Ha Noi, ranging from VND100,000-300,000, are available at the park, at Km 8, Lang-Hoa Lac Avenue, and at Bao Son Hotel, 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.
Updated : 13-05-2011 10:41:57
Source : VNS
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