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New York Bicycle

It’s not the most bike-friendly city, but New Yorkers are getting better at tolerating cyclists, thanks in part to improved road conditions, new bike paths and the efforts of bike clubs. In late 2007, ...

New York Boat

If you’re coming by yacht – and if you are, do you have an opening for a deck-swabber on your next trip to Bermuda? – there are ports at an exclusive boat slip at the World Financial Center ...

Car & motorcycle

Driving is not recommended around Manhattan unless it’s absolutely necessary. There are always drivers who don’t want you hogging lanes, gas is pricey, car hire is expensive, the struggles for ...

New York Air

When booking tickets, note that high season in New York City runs from mid-June to mid-September (summer), and one week before and after Christmas. February and March, and from October to Thanksgiving (the ...

New York Bus

Many New York buses aren’t too bad, and they’ve certainly improved in the past decade or so. They run 24 hours a day and the routes are easily navigable, going crosstown at all the major street ...

New York Taxi

Hailing and riding in a cab are rites of passage in New York – especially when you get a driver who’s a neurotic speed demon, which is often. Still, most taxis in NYC are clean and, compared to ...
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