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Best Chinese Food in New York

Whether you prefer old-school Cantonese cuisine or seek out the latest Sichuan or Xinjiang-style barbecue or western-style glitzy fusion, NYC.com knows all the best places.

Best Fuzhou
(212) 219-3328
71A Eldridge St
New York, NY 10002+5201

Cafe Kashkar
(718) 743-3832
1141 Brighton Beach Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235+5903
Cuisine from the far west of China in the far south of Brooklyn, affecting a curious mix of Chinese fare that also smacks of Central Asia.

Chinatown Brasserie
(212) 533-7000 Make Reservation
380 Lafayette St.
New York, NY
From the chaps who brought Lever House as well as nearby Lure Fishbar to fame, in the massive space formerly known as Time Cafe comes a deluxe palace of dim sum meets Chinese brasserie. With 10,000 square feet and a $6 million renovation, if you remember brunch upstairs at Time and late nights downstairs at Fez, you'll be doubly impressed with the royal makeover here. When you walk in the door, think glam bridge over the River Kwai for the 21st century of supersize dining

Congee Village

(212) 941-1818
100 Allen St
New York, NY 10002+3053
Located at 100 Allen Street, corner with Delancey Street, on the outskirts of Chinatown, in an area not on the tourist radar, Congee Village has been preparing Chinese (specifically but not limited to Cantonese) food for years, serving it in beautiful dining rooms as well as delivering it to your doorstep. One of New York City's finest spots to eat and so very special and beautiful that countless positive reviews in local and even international press, customer satisfaction, lightening, dependable, professional service and very affordable prices have helped it establish a great reputation and the status of one of the best restaurants in town.

Dim Sum Go Go
(212) 732-0796
5 E Broadway
New York, NY 10038+1013
Stellar dim sum on the Lower East Side that puts even the best stall in Beijing to shame.

Golden Unicorn
(212) 941-0911
18 E Broadway
New York, NY 10002+6803
Cantonese-style dim sum served in authentic style. Don't expect quiet or hushed tones as this is the real thing, vivacious, noisy and exciting. Dinner time offers a more in-depth menu, but the dim sum is something not to be missed. Brave the crowds on weekends, and take a number...the wait is usually not terribly long. Year after year, Golden Unicorn remains one of our favorite dim sum palaces for its consistency and variety.

Joe's Shanghai - Chinatown
(212) 233-8888
9 Pell St
New York, NY 10013+5134
Part of the dependable chain of Chinese restaurants known as Joe's Shanghai, with specialty dumplings, delicious crab pork meat, and more Shanghai selections.

Momofuku Noodle Bar
(212) 475-7899
171 First Ave.
New York, NY 10003+3724
A lot of fuss about a tiny place where you sit shoulder-to-shoulder slurping down noodles, but the real treats are pork-centric dishes and seasonal specialties. Menu changes daily, but the gastric delights are truly numerous.

Spicy & Tasty
(718) 359-1601
39-07 Prince Street
Flushing, NY 11354
One of New York's best Sichuan restaurants can be found tucked away on Prince Street in Flushing. With 200 items on the menu plus an entire selection of lunch specials, you'll find a great selection of the most famous dishes of Sichuan here. Make sure to try rabbit; cold chicken with wonder sauce; cold spicy noodles (called jelly here); dan dan noodles; tea-smoked duck; double-cooked pork; lamb with red chili sauce; minced pork with cellophane noodle; shirmp & green hot pepper in black bean sauce; ma po tofu or sauteed "stinky" tofu with ma-la sauce; and shredded beef in fresh hot pepper. Cool off with a big bowl of rice; tea and beer won't help quench the fire.
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