New York City Opera

The New York City Opera is one of the most popular art forms for both tourists and residents alike. The city has a long tradition of being home to a large number of opera houses. These opera houses have hosted a number of musicals and other shows over the years and offer an excellent opera schedule

New York City has a large number of offices and factories and is headquarters for many fortune 500 companies. The hustle and bustle of office goers creates a cacophony of sound during day. In addition to the hustle and bustle, New York City also has a softer side, with its own traditions and a robust cultural heritage.
Some opera houses of note include the Metropolitan Opera House, Dicapo Opera Theater, New York City Opera, the New York State Theater, and others. They produce brilliant musicals at regular intervals, which attract a large number of spectators.

The operas in New York City have been among the major attractions for travelers during their visit.