Parking Policy

New York City is a city of diverse neighborhoods with varying densities and unique features. Planning for and improving our transportation infrastructure is essential for the city’s sustainable growth and development

Off-street parking is an important element of the transportation network and affects how residents, workers, and visitors move around and access the city. The Department is undertaking a series of studies on parking and zoning to update and improve the off-street parking regulations outlined in the Zoning Resolution for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles and bicycles.

Where and how vehicles and bicycles are parked in the city is of interest for many people in the metropolitan area whether they own or drive a vehicle, a bicycle, both or neither. Planners, developers, and builders are trying to find the right formula for balancing competing needs. These include neighborhood concerns about general quality of life issues related to the availability and number of on-street parking spaces and vehicles cruising in search of parking; developers’ concerns about the cost of providing too much or too few parking spaces for prospective occupants; and environmental considerations to reduce congestion and carbon emissions and improve air quality by reducing automobile use.
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