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New York City's 59 community districts, established by local law in 1975, illustrate the remarkable diversity of the city's land uses and population.

They range in size from less than 900 acres to almost 15,000 acres, and in population from fewer than 35,000 residents to more than 200,000. These and other facts about the districts are presented in the profiles that follow. Each district profile contains summary data on population size; birth, death and infant mortality rates; land area and land uses; and levels of income support. Land uses and census tract boundaries are shown on maps and a variety of population characteristics from the 2000 Census are presented for the district as a whole and for each tract within the district. Each district profile contains lists of Selected Facilities and Program Sites, including public and private schools, parks, public safety, health, mental health and other social service facilities. The profiles also include 2006-2008 population estimates and other selected characteristics from the American Community Survey based on 55 Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) that approximate NYC community districts (but are not coterminous with them).

For more extensive population and housing data related to the community districts or for information on smaller areas such as census tracts or zipcodes, please visit the Population pages of this website. To view the FY 2011 Community District Needs reports which include statements submitted by community boards articulating their needs and priorities, and FY 2010 Adopted
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